Friday, June 25, 2010


Sorry this took me so long to get it together...
You will need the following punches, Boho Blossoms, 1/4" circle, 1/2" circle, 1 3/8" circle, 1 3/4" circle, Small oval and 5-petal flower.
1. Punch head (1 3/8") and body (1 3/4") circles, two of each for 2 owls
2. Punch "bunny ears" at the bottom of your cardstock you will need 2 for each owl
3. "bunny ears" should be spaced a little apart
4. Use 1 3/8" circle to cut out negative part, try to get as close to the tips of your bunny ears as you can
5. You will trim or pull off sides leaving the triangular piece in the middle which will become a horn
6. Attach your horns to the back of the owls head, I used a contrasting color to show positioning
7. you will also do the same cut from your patterned paper or different cardstock for the top of the owls head on the front side.
8. Attach the head and body and then run through with an embossing folder if you would like *make sure you have the positive or negative emboss on the front, I wanted the positive emboss on the front*
9. you can now attach the "hair" pieces
10. Next is wings, start with a small oval punch, leave room on both sides, the first oval is trash
11. Slide your oval punch over cutting a new oval with a notch out of it, do this on both sides of your original punch hole
12. The scrap should look like this
13. The wings should look like this, again I have used contrasting paper to show the punching
14. Punch the boho blossom from orange cardstock, cut the largest blossom in quarters for the feet, 1 blossoms will do both owls
15. Cut the middle blossom into 6 pieces, like a pie, this will be the beak
16. 1/2" circle for whites of eyes, 1/4" circle for pupils, and white gel pen is used for the detail in the eye

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